Vermont Rainbow Gets Girls Ready for Life!
What is Rainbow?
The International Order of the Rainbow for Girls is a service organization for young women.  The
Order was founded in 1922 and has Assemblies in 48 states, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and
nine foreign countries.  Membership is open to any girl between the ages of 11 and 20, regardless of
race or creed.  Although no specific religion is followed, members are required to hold a belief in a
Supreme Being.  

Rainbow in Vermont
The first Rainbow Assembly in Vermont was chartered in 1932 in St. Albans.  There have been 22
chartered Assemblies, six of which are currently active.  We are continually striving to make Rainbow
grow, so if you're interested in joining, but don't see an Assembly near you, please contact us and we'll
do our best to get Rainbow started in your area.  For more information on Rainbow in Vermont, please
contact our Supreme Deputy, Miss Debby Estey, one of our Assemblies or the Webmaster.

About this site
This site is meant to give contact information for those interested in learning more about Vermont
Rainbow and general information for Rainbow Girls and their adult advisors from other states and
countries.  For answers to basic questions about Rainbow, please visit our official international web

This web page acknowledges allegiance to the Supreme Assembly, International Order of the Rainbow
for Girls, whose seat of authority is in McAlester, Oklahoma, of which Reverend W. Mark Sexson was
the founder and Mrs. Cora Ellen Moody is the Supreme Worthy Advisor, and to the Grand Assembly
of Vermont, of which Miss Debby Estey is the Supreme Inspector, and Sister Emily Anderson is the
Grand Worthy Advisor.  Please direct any questions about this site to the Webmaster.
Visit our international web site for more information about Rainbow in other places!
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